Cat Boarding Facility

Cat CondoMiss Kitty’s is in our third decade of offering very personalized, loving care to pets who don’t do well in traditional kennels. Cats are social creatures and need the love and attention of a human companion. Cat Corral, our cat boarding facility, is a separate building; a cozy, safe haven in which felines rule and no dogs are allowed. Our spacious, custom built two level condos offer your cat plenty of climbing room for exercise or relaxation, as well as private rooms for dining and bathroom needs. Corral Kitties feel safe, secure and peaceful in their rooms while enjoying the activity around them, listening to tranquil sounds of nature.

All guests play for 30 minutes daily in our sunny, naturally lit jungle room. This room is an adventure, featuring many walkways, climbing toys, paths and cat trees as well as a real tree for climbing and exercise. This room has two window seats, one for outside observation and one looking into the lobby so the quieter feline can peacefully observe.

Your feline friend will also be offered 15 minutes of snuggle lap time per day in the arms of one of our pet nannies. We know that some guests need more time than others to relax in their environment. Our pet nannies have plenty of patience and give each pet opportunities to play and cuddle while getting to know their environment.