Cat Corral: What Makes Us Different


Jungle Room - Cat Boarding
Miss Kitty’s Bed & Bath keeps pet nannies on staff  24/7, with their hands on the precious guests entrusted to us. Our generous amount of human interaction makes a distinct difference in the quality of your pet’s stay. Our staff spends bonding time and gives one on one attention to your pet. We get to know your pets personally because we have a smaller number of guests in our care. Our goal is to offer the best personal care available for a limited number of guests. We strive to make your felines stay as comfortable as being at home!  We have become known for our exceptional care in catering to pets that need more attention and care than is provided in traditional kennel facilities. We do everything in our power to make your feline as happy and relaxed as possible, and do it with one all- inclusive price.

24 Hour Webcams

Webcams are available to view at no additional charge 24 hours a day on your smart phone or computer so that you may observe your kitty relaxing in the condo or playing in the Jungle Room. You will be able to see for yourself the loving care our staff gives each pet, and have peace of mind that your cat is happy and relaxed while you’re away.


Miss Kitty’s Cat Corral offers 10 individual condos and one Jungle room, a kitchen for preparing meals as well as a bathing and grooming room for our feline guests. We have natural light streaming in windows of every room.

Each condo is designed for one cat. Condos are large enough to be comfortable for families of two cats if they are used to sharing space together. Two condos may also be joined together for a double condo and twice the room, separate dining rooms and bathrooms. Litter boxes/bathrooms are scooped & cleaned four times daily and each condo cleaned daily.

All Inclusive Accommodations Ensure A Happy & Relaxed Stay For Your Feline:

  • Webcams available to the client to observe your pet 24/7
  • Two level room with plenty of relaxation area
  • Private bathroom
  • Private dining room
  • 30 minutes of Jungle Room playtime each day
  • 15 minutes of snuggle lap time each day
  • Premium bedding and peek a boo cubes
  • Full length glass doors on each condo so kitties can safely observe their environment for stimulation
  • Full length glass doors between rooms in Cat Corral so doors may be closed for security yet kitties constantly monitored
  • Nature sounds provide a constant soothing ambience
  • Food and water are available to your feline all day
  • Lava lamps & other light activated toys provide a stimulating environment in the condo room


We can prepare any number of special meals per day. Please feel free to bring your pet’s regular food if you wish to maintain the same diet or you may choose to try our premium food instead. It is a good idea to bring a meal or two more than you need in case of unforeseen travel delays. Special diets and medications are happily accommodated & will be prepared at no extra charge.  We offer varieties of Nature’s Select in dry and canned as our house food and will use whatever is most similar to your cat’s normal diet.

Let us know what works best for you, all at no extra charge:

  • Owner provided food, water & medications given with the owner’s instructions
  • Special meal times
  • Cat Corral provided food & water
  • We encourage you to bring any of your pet’s belongings that you feel will make your  pet’s stay more comfortable. We do ask that you leave home items of sentimental value or things that cannot be washed and sanitized.