Gray Van Sant, CFMG

Gray Van Sant is a cat groomer in Nashville, TennesseeWe are very proud to have Gray on our team, the only Certified Feline Master Groomer in Nashville. Gray has been grooming cats and dogs for several years and ‘speaks cat’ fluently. Gray is the “cat’s meow” and is a pet’s favorite at Miss Kitty’s. The most rewarding part of the job for Gray is the satisfaction of taking a dirty, matted uncomfortable kitty and seeing how happy and joyful the feline feels after the groom is complete!

A native of Nashville, this avid animal lover has been enamored with everything from insects & reptiles to mammals of all kinds. The menagerie at home consists of three cats, two dogs, two rats and one Leopard Gecko. When not loving on the menagerie, Gray likes to play musical instruments, video games and read comic books. Gray also loves climbing trees, just like our feline friends!



Gray’s Gallery: