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Voted Best Dog Groomer in Nashville by the Nashville Scene three years in row, Miss Kitty’s Dog Resort owner, Gina Wells, is a National Certified Master Groomer by the National Dog Groomers Associations of America. The title sounds fancy! That’s because it is. A National Certified Groomer is one who has studied, completed testing, and received high scores on a rigorous set of written and hands-on practical examinations administered by the National Dog Groomers Association of America. The NDGAA sets the most trusted grooming standard for the United States for pet grooming. Anyone can pick up a pair of scissors and call themselves a groomer without a single day of training; however, at Miss Kitty’s Nashville Dog Grooming, you can trust that your dog not only gets the latest hair and nail styles, but the services are performed by certified professionals with the highest-quality and safest care.

Gina requires all groomers at Miss Kitty’s Dog Resort to either have certification or pays for them to work toward certification. Looking good is not the only concern. It’s also important that your pet come home from a day at the salon relaxed, happy, and healthy.

“I’m big on groomer education and client education. It’s not necessarily all about the current hair styles, it’s about safety. We believe dogs are our babies and truly members of our family. Safety and security are our top priorities in the salon.”

Gina Wells

Owner, Miss Kitty's Dog Resort

Miss Kitty’s Dog Resort offers grooming and spa services for all dog breeds, big and small. All grooms include a bath with shampoo and conditioner, ears cleaned, nails trimmed, anal glands expressed (upon request), fluff dry by hand, complete brush out, followed by the hair cut you prefer, hair polish, a bow or bandana, and perfume.

Other dog grooming services offered include, but aren’t limited to baths, hair tinting, and hair styling. As an added bonus, all of our haircuts are guaranteed for a week. If you get home and decide you want something completely different or just a touch-up, call us and we will make it right or you will get a full refund.

At Miss Kitty’s Nashville Dog Grooming, know that your dog will get the latest hair and nail styles with safe and trusted groomers who provide the highest-quality care. Come on in and see why Miss Kitty’s Dog Resort was named Nashville’s Best Dog Groomer two years in a row!

Grooming Accolades

Best Pet Groomer

Voted “Best Pet Groomer” by the Nashville Scene in 2020, 2019, 2018, and runner-up in 2021

Services & Pricing


Pricing based on size & breed. Puppies under 5 months old receive a 20% discount.

➝ Pricing (All breeds)

➝ Pricing (Doodles)


Pricing based on weight and coat type.

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Partial Groom

$12 for one area
$24 for two areas
$28 for three areas

*does not include price of bath

Nail Trims - FREE upon request!

Nail Grind - $15

Nail Polish - $8

Teeth Brushing - $8

Grooming Amenities, Discounts, & Pricing Policies


"Red Eye" (after-hours pick-up)


FREE 15 minutes of brushing


50% off bath with same-day daycare


50% off bath with purchase of boarding and haircut


30% off baths with purchase of boarding


FREE daycare with same-day hair cut


Hand-stripping, de-matting, and coloring add-ons


Handling fee for pups that require extra attention


Vet Trips

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Guest Reviews

"Our Yorkie mix, Bama, has been attending dog daycare at Miss Kitty’s twice per week for almost 9 years. Miss Kitty’s feels like a part of our family and the staff is awesome. They treat her as one of their own and when we arrive, they make her feel as if she is “home.” When we are out of town, it is important to us that she is cared for in a fashion that is similar to our own. Being able to reside in a larger Saloon Style suite and having consistent playtime during the stay is not only important to us, but to her well-being, too. If she has a special need, the staff is there for her and her friends."

-Kim P., Nashville

"We are so thankful for the kind, professional, and compassionate care given at Miss Kitty’s. Not only do they give the best baths, they love dogs unconditionally. Our dog Elmo is cared for 24/7 including administering his allergy medicine in the afternoon and a giving him his favorite cheese snack before bed."

-Elizabeth R., Hillsboro Village

"We’ve been coming to Miss Kitty’s for three years now, and our dog Millie loves this place! As soon as she arrives, she runs out of my arms and down the hall to see all her friends in the staff. I’m so glad she has such a great place to go to when I have to go out of town and either board her or send her over for some puppy fun at daycare. Miss Kitty’s is a fun clean place with an amazing staff who takes care of my little girl. Wouldn’t think of going anywhere else."

-John A. Crieve Hall

"Miss Kitty’s is a second home to our little girl Nelly Jo. The facility is always clean and well kept. From the front desk staff, to the boarding nannies, to the groomers, we trust them completely."

-Dell & Nancy, Green Hills

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