Frequently Asked Questions

We understand how scary it can be to stay away from home. Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions that concern our four legged friends.

Q. Do I really get to go outside without a leash?

A. If you are a canine, then Yes! Once you enter Miss Kitty’s Bed & Bath, you are leash free, whether you are here for grooming, day care or an overnight stay. Yay!!! During your stay here you will wear an ID band, not a collar. It’s flat and safe and can’t get caught on anything. That’s all you have to wear while you are here. Everybody goes outside in the green grass, shade trees and sunshine, even if you are getting a bath or a haircut. The facility is fenced and cross-fenced, for your safety. In addition, humans are supervising you at all times to keep you safe and happy. So whatever special reason you are here, enjoy yourself!


Q. If I am boarding in the hotel, how many times do I get to go outside?

A. You will always, always, no matter what the weather, go out 5 times per day. Your day will begin with a “rise and shine” potty break outside at 7:00 AM each morning. Then you will get to go out for a 20 to 30 minute playtime at 8:30 AM after breakfast, 1:00 PM after lunch, 6:00 PM after dinner, and then a last playtime at 10:00 PM each night. You will get to enjoy green grass, shade trees and sunshine 5 times per day with no leash, romping safely in one of our spacious fenced play yards. Guests staying n our European Style Boarding will be offered outside time every 2 hours around the clock.


Q: I have never stayed away from home before. I’m scared! How can I be sure this is the right decision for me?

A: You’ll have a great time! Many pets will come try it out for just one night to see how they like it (although it is not required). This gives you a chance to mingle with the other pets and get comfortable with our routine. Your person can call and check on you to see how you are doing. If there is a problem, your person is just a phone call away. Your person will come back for you the next day, and by then you will be comfortable with your routine. Then when you do come to visit us for a more extended vacation, you are familiar with us and know Mom or Dad are coming back for you.


Q. I’m not really a dog- my person doesn’t think so either. So why should I stay in a PET resort?

A. Many of our visitors are not aware that they are dogs, and therefore don’t partake in typical doggie behavior such as ball chasing and bottom sniffing. While staying with us you will play with other pets that have the same size, temperament and energy level as you. That way, when you go out to play, everyone gets along well together in a supervised group playtime. If you like to play, you will be with other playful pets. If you like to sunbathe and enjoy nature, you will go out to play with other pets that like to do the same.


Q: Should I bring my bed, bowls, food and toys with me?

A: You can bring as much or as little as you would like to. If you are timid about staying away from home or if this is your first stay, we recommend your person bringing a worn piece of their clothing or perhaps a used pillowcase, unwashed, that will have their human scent on it. You will be surprised at how much you relax and enjoy yourself when you have ‘a piece of Mom or Dad’ with you.

(The one exception is European style dog boarding, where the environment is like one big slumber party. In this case we recommend that you not bring personal belongings.)


Q. Do I have to eat food I’m not used to?

A. No. You can eat whatever your Mom or Dad wants to bring for you. If you would like to, you can eat our food. We serve Nature’s Select brand dog food here, and usually everyone loves it. If it’s all right with your parents, we also give you some of our bakery cookies throughout the day and a bedtime cookie at night.


Q: Can I play separately? I’m just not sure if I like other dogs.

A: No, we’re just not set up that way. We have a social environment that allows the pets to make friends and visit with each other. We know from experience that you are much happier when you aren’t alone, and that is what we’re all about. We believe pets are like little people. People wouldn’t take a child to day care and ask the staff to keep the child isolated and locked away in another room. We don’t want to do that to you either! Even if you don’t want to actively play, you will greatly enjoy walking around outside in the sunshine and watching the other dogs play.


Q: Will dogs attack me?

A: No, We group everyone according to size and temperament, which helps everyone to get along together outside when you go out to play, Also, you always have a human with you supervising your playtimes to make sure everyone plays nice.


Q: Can I bite a dog if I want to?

A: No. But without your person or your home to protect, you will find that you probably just want to relax and play with the other dogs and they feel that way too. You make friends with the other dogs, and the humans are there to love you and play with you too.


Q: Can somebody help me if I get sick?

A: We keep your veterinarian on file, and if we see any sort of problem with you, we prefer to take you to your veterinarian. Your veterinarian is always our first choice and we will do our best to get you to your vet because he/she knows you best. If your vet is closed or not available for some reason, we will take you to Grassmere Animal Hospital, because they are very close and they are good. However, if we see a problem at night we would take you to Nashville Veterinary Specialists. They are open 24 hours a day. All the vets in Nashville know us and work well with us. We rarely have any problems that originate here because of the unique and wonderful care you will receive when you stay at Miss Kitty’s.

We deal with many older senior citizen pets, so we are experienced with dealing with and monitoring many health problems, including diabeties, chronic eye and ear problems and heart problems. Our staff is well trained and we keep checks and balances in place to make certain all of you get your medications properly.


Q: Will I have to be around big dogs?

A: No. No. Our doggie resort only groups you with other friends that are compatible with your size and temperament.


Q: Are your humans really, really, nice there?

A. We will love you so much!! We hand pick all our staff and they go through a strict training process before any of them are allowed to take care of you. The pet industry is not a “get rich” industry, so people are in it because of their deep love for animals. We develop long and deep relationships with our four legged guests that can last a lifetime. This makes us all very protective of our guests. Because of this, none of us will tolerate anyone that isn’t fabulous working beside us to take care of our cherished guests. You will have a tail wagging good time with plenty of love and kisses every time you come to Miss Kitty’s!


Q. What if I’m not sure about my haircut? Sometimes my human and I disagree about what I should look like.

A. All of our haircuts are unconditionally guaranteed for a week! If you get home and shake your head or your tail and decide you want something completely different, or maybe just a little off here or there, just have your person call us and we’ll make it just the way you want it, or your person’s money back.