Doggie Day Care

Doggie Day Care for Smaller Dogs

Miss Kitty’s Daycare is open from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM Monday through Friday. Daycare charges are for a full day regardless of when you drop off or pick up your pet.

Our daycare nanny spends the day with the pets. The nanny’s sole job is to keep the guests happy and entertained. The nanny plays with the pets indoors and supervises their interactions with each other. When pets become bored indoors, they go out for walks around the property to run, stretch and exercise.

Many of our daycare guests come on a part-time basis; therefore the interpersonal dynamics of the group change daily. Like children on a playground, occasionally a pet will get overly excited and must go into “Time Out”. We have pet crates in the day care room for just that purpose. This is not a punishment for the pet, but a safe place for a few minutes of quiet time without the physical stimulation of the other pets. A pet can usually be reentered into the group within just a few minutes and all is well again.

Rain or shine, we feel that it is important for the pets to get outside time for their health and happiness. We keep them as clean as possible; however, in less than perfect weather your pet might get muddy or bring home a blade of grass or two. This is assurance that your pet is truly getting to play outside with other pets, and is having fun. In rare instances your pet may get a scratch or bump from strenuous play, just like children on a playground.

All new day care pets go through a 5-visit evaluation period. This allows an opportunity to determine if the new pet can integrate into the social group. Like people, some pets are shy at first; when they become more comfortable their behavior changes. This is why some pets may play well on the first few visits, and then become unsuitable for our group. A daycare pet that exhibits unruly or intimidating behavior toward the other pets will not be allowed to continue to come and play. All male dogs attending our daycare must be neutered.

If it is determined that your pet is not a good fit for our daycare, please don’t be dismayed as our daycare is very specialized. We can recommend several other options for your daycare needs. We would still love to offer you our grooming and boarding services. Pets that are too high-energy for daycare are generally wonderful boarding guests in our hotel, as the physical contact during playtimes is for shorter periods of time.

We guarantee your pet will go home tired but happy after a day at Miss Kitty’s Doggie Daycare!

Day care is $25.00 for a single day, or a 5 day pacakage is $115 ($23.00 a day)