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October 26, 2021

Special Services

  • “Red-Eye” After Hours Pick-up (7pm – 6am)
Pups here in our care after closing at 7:00pm each night will be charged for a night’s stay. If you want to pick up your pup after closing time, and you don’t want to wait until we re-open at 7am the next morning, we now offer an extended pick-up option.

After hours drop pick-up is any time between 7:01pm and 6:00am. A $100.00 fee in addition to the overnight charge will apply. All charges and arrangements must be paid ahead of time during business hours.

  • Veterinary Trips
Trip to our vet (we generally use Grassmere Animal Hospital) = $50

Trip to your vet = $75


  • 50% off a bath with purchase of same-day daycare

For pups spending the day with us, get 50% off same-day bath service. Your pup can be the last dog bathed for the day or be ready any time before that. After bathing, they are welcome to return to daycare to play or stay in our main building inside to socialize.

  • FREE daycare with same-day haircut

Dogs who are coming to see us for a haircut will not be additionally charged for daycare service during their visit. After grooming, they are free to stay in our main building to socialize until pick-up.


  • 30% off baths with purchase of boarding

After an extended stay with us, we strongly recommend that pups get a bath on the day of their departure. Receive 30% off regularly priced baths after an overnight stay of any length.

  • 50% off bath with purchase of haircut and boarding

If your dog is receiving a haircut during an overnight boarding stay, we are now offering 50% off a departing bath on the last day of their visit.

  • FREE 15 minute brushing

If your pup requires more than 15 minutes of brushing or arrives with a matted coat that cannot be removed within the allotted time frame, you will be charged $1 for every min thereafter.

  • $25/night additional intensive care charge

To make it possible to give all pups in our care the attention they deserve, pups that require insulin, more than 3 medications per day, or need medications to be dispensed outside of our regularly scheduled meal times, a $25/night charge will apply.


  • Hand-stripping, de-matting, coloring

$1 per minute

  • Handling Fee

Dogs that require an additional person to bathe or groom due to unwillingness to be bathed or groomed, fear or anxiety issues, or those that have health conditions that require an assistant to hold the dog still or upright will be charged a special handling fee of $20 per groom.

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