Dog Bakery & Boutique

Home made dog treats and fashionable fur baby wear.

Nashville Dog Bakery

We’ve been baking homemade dog treats, dog cookies, and dog birthday cakes since the very beginning. Using heavily guarded, secret recipes, our goodies continue to be favorites for Nashville’s finest!

All of Miss Kitty’s dog treats are full of wholesome goodness, baked with the pet’s nutritional needs in mind. We use only the very best ingredients such as whole oats, eggs, carob, peanut butter, honey, cheese, and other natural ingredients.

In our dog bakery shop you’ll find Nature’s Select dog food, made in the USA. This award-winning brand uses the freshest, highest-quality ingredients in its food, which is proven to be one of the finest dog foods on the market.

Featured Bakery Treat

Pitter Pats

Pitter Pats are our signature cookie and continue to be a top seller. Little dogs love the heart-shaped treats because they’re thin like wafers, perfect for itty bitty pups who don’t have the jaw strength for big bones. One bite, and you’ll see why our clients call them puppy crack!

Dog Boutique

We have everything your fashionable fur baby needs from everyday denim to gowns for red carpet celebrity appearances. We carry the same designer lines that the celebrity dogs wear in Beverly Hills.

Our dog clothing changes with the season and ranges from practical items like sweaters and rain gear to wedding dresses, tuxedos, and accessories. We also stock jerseys and tees for our college and professional sports teams in Nashville!

For the pet lover, we have a variety of gift options ranging from breed specific stationary to garden ornaments, clocks, bangles, and baubles.

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