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Voted Best Dog Boarding by the Nashville Scene in 2022, 2021, 2020, and runner-up in 2019, all guests at Miss Kitty’s Nashville Dog Boarding are kennel-free and off-leash, meaning they are free to frolic either in a room or outside with no leashes or kennels.  During your dog’s stay they wear an ID band, not a collar. The property is fenced and cross-fenced, we have dozens of security cameras both inside and out, and our awesome staff always gives their undivided attention to our precious guests. Plus, you can access our webcams on your desktop or mobile device. Enjoy knowing that your dog is happy and relaxed while you’re away.

We understand not all dogs are the same. Some are a burst of energy, constantly moving and playing while others need quiet time in between social hours. To make sure all of our Nashville dog boarding guests are happy and comfortable, we offer three types of boarding: Saloon Style, Euro Style, and Big Dog Saloon Style.

Our sun and fun outdoor area is just like at home, and our guests love being outside. Your dog will get to explore, run, jump, and frolic in our green grass, relax in the sun or shade, and of course use this time for a potty break! We firmly believe our kennel-free, leash-free dog daycare is the best environment for happy, healthy dogs.

Miss Kitty’s Nashville Dog Boarding promises the very best care for each and every dog. That’s why our resort is all-inclusive. Everything your pet needs for a happy, relaxed stay with us is bundled into one price*, so dog parents don’t have to choose between pampering their pet and breaking the bank.

We offer flexible hours at no extra cost. You can drop off and pick up your dog anytime during our regular business hours, Monday through Saturday, 7am to 7pm and on Sundays from 11am to 7pm.

*Spa services not included

Saloon Style Dog Boarding

Miss Kitty’s Saloon Style Dog Boarding is designed for dogs who like to play and socialize, but also enjoy quiet time in their own private space.

Euro Style Dog Boarding

The Euro Style Dog Boarding at Miss Kitty’s is set up like a big slumber party. All guests are in a large room and then grouped based on size and temperament.

Big Dog Saloon Style Boarding

Dogs over 41 pounds and over are welcome in our Big Dog Saloon Style Boarding. With a limited number of rooms, reservations fill up quickly. Please book your pup’s stay in advance.

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Enjoy knowing that your dog is happy, safe, and relaxed while you’re away.

Frequently asked Questions

Do dogs really get to go outside without a leash?

Yes! Once you enter Miss Kitty’s Dog Resort, dogs are leash-free, whether they are here for grooming, day care or an overnight stay. Yay! During their stay, they will wear an ID band at all times, not a collar. It’s flat and safe and can’t get caught on anything. Everybody goes outside in the green grass, shade trees and sunshine, even if your pup is just getting a bath or a haircut. Our facility is fenced and cross-fenced, for your dog’s safety. In addition, humans are supervising the pups at all times to keep them safe and happy.

How many times/day do the dogs go outside?

Your dog will always, always, no matter what the weather, go out 5 times per day. Our days begin with a “rise and shine” potty break outside at 7:00 AM each morning. Then 20-30-minutes of playtime after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The last playtime at 10:00 PM each night. You pup will get to enjoy green grass, shade trees and sunshine 5 times per day with no leash, romping safely in one of our spacious fenced play yards. Guests staying in our European Style Boarding will be offered outside time every 2 hours around the clock.

Should I bring my dog's bed, bowls, food and toys with me?

You can bring as much or as little as you would like to. If your dog is timid about staying away from home or if this is their first stay with us, we recommend bringing a worn piece of their clothing or perhaps a used pillowcase, unwashed, that will have your human scent on it. (The one exception is European style dog boarding, where the environment is like one big slumber party. In this case we recommend that you not bring personal belongings.)

Who will help if my dog gets sick or hurt?

We keep your veterinarian info on file, and if we see any sort of problem with your dog, we will first attempt to take them to his/her primary doctor. If your vet is closed or not available for some reason, we will head to Grassmere Animal Hospital, because they are very close and they are exceptional. However, if we see a problem at night, we will go to Nashville Veterinary Specialists, as they are open 24 hours/day. You can find our pricing for vet trips here.

We deal with many older senior citizen pets, so we are experienced with dealing with and monitoring many health problems, including diabetes, chronic eye and ear problems and heart problems. Our staff is well trained and we keep checks and balances in place to make certain all of you get your medications properly.

Boarding Amenities & Discounts


FREE 15 minutes of brushing


"Red Eye" (after-hours pick-up)


$30/night intensive care


Vet Trips

Dog Boarding Accolades

Best Pet Boarding/Daycare

Voted “Best Pet Boarding/Daycare” by the Nashville Scene in 2022, 2021, 2020, and runner-up in 2019

Our All Inclusive Guarantee

Outdoor Playtimes
Safety & Security
Free Snuggles
Meds Dispensed
Real Grass
Quiet Time
One-on-One Time

Your Hosts

Meet the Team

gina wells miss kittys dog resort nashville

Gina Wells


Dog mom to Miss Kitty, Pomeranian


Cameo Huggins


Dog mom to Iris, Doberman Pinscher


Emily Harkness

Lodging Manager

Dog mom to Petuina, Chihuahua Mix

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Guest Reviews

"Our Yorkie mix, Bama, has been attending dog daycare at Miss Kitty’s twice per week for almost 9 years. Miss Kitty’s feels like a part of our family and the staff is awesome. They treat her as one of their own and when we arrive, they make her feel as if she is “home.” When we are out of town, it is important to us that she is cared for in a fashion that is similar to our own. Being able to reside in a larger Saloon Style suite and having consistent playtime during the stay is not only important to us, but to her well-being, too. If she has a special need, the staff is there for her and her friends."

-Kim P., Nashville

"We are so thankful for the kind, professional, and compassionate care given at Miss Kitty’s. Not only do they give the best baths, they love dogs unconditionally. Our dog Elmo is cared for 24/7 including administering his allergy medicine in the afternoon and a giving him his favorite cheese snack before bed."

-Elizabeth R., Hillsboro Village

"We’ve been coming to Miss Kitty’s for three years now, and our dog Millie loves this place! As soon as she arrives, she runs out of my arms and down the hall to see all her friends in the staff. I’m so glad she has such a great place to go to when I have to go out of town and either board her or send her over for some puppy fun at daycare. Miss Kitty’s is a fun clean place with an amazing staff who takes care of my little girl. Wouldn’t think of going anywhere else."

-John A. Crieve Hall

"Miss Kitty’s is a second home to our little girl Nelly Jo. The facility is always clean and well kept. From the front desk staff, to the boarding nannies, to the groomers, we trust them completely."

-Dell & Nancy, Green Hills

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