Are you looking for a special treat, gift, grooming experience or getaway for your precious fur baby? Look no further than Miss Kitty’s Bed & Bath! We absolutely love dogs. Here at our dog boarding and grooming facility on Kenilwood Drive in Nashville, we’ll cater to your pet’s every whim. Come by for a tour and discover why Nashville’s pets love Miss Kitty’s Bed & Bath!

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What is so different about Miss Kitty’s Bed and Bath?

Dogs at Miss Kitty's pet boarding in Nashville, Tennessee

How does any true pet lover play with one pet, then deny another lonely or stressed pet the love & attention he desperately needs simply because the parent had not purchased that option? We could not ignore any pet! Therefore, we added in everything your pet would need for a happy, relaxed stay with us & made it one price, all included, so EVERY GUEST gets the good stuff!


Webcams for pet viewing included

If your dog vacations Euro Style, you may check our webcams, indoors & outside, at any time day or night to observe your dog at play or at rest. You can see our pet nannies at work playing with pets & giving love & attention to everyone.

At other facilities the pet parents never see their pet once they leave. Web cams aren’t an option at any price!

Hotel is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Our pet nannies work a third shift with the pets, stay awake, play with pets & keep a keen eye out for anything amiss. If you choose Euro Style boarding, your dog sleeps slumber party style with friends & doesn’t have to sleep alone. Our pet nannies are awake & interacting with your pet AROUND THE CLOCK so your pet has a bed buddy to snuggle up with. Our hotel staff stays staffed, whether our lobby is open or closed. We have a lot of work to do, making sure everyone is properly fed, loved & taken out for numerous playtimes & it takes an army to get it done right!

Most dog boarding kennels have staff that leave after closing hours. Some have little or no staff when closed. This creates a lonely & stressful situation for your pet.

Older or special needs pets are welcomed, special food & preparations, medications administered, & assistance with eating all included in daily rate

We have earned a reputation for taking care of special needs pets. We lovingly dote on pets with exercise limitations, special diets & medications. Many of our more finicky guests need a loving companion to hand feed their dinner from time to time and we happily accommodate our babies. We will give any & all medications necessary for your pet including insulin injections and other medications at no extra charge. We are happy to help with special needs & have the capability to keep a watchful eye on a pet even after we are closed since we are staffed 24 hours a day. Everything your pet needs is included in our daily rate.

Many other kennels are not able to give medications after closing hours or watch your pet through the night. Those that can usually charge extra for special meals, each dose of medication, or handling special needs such as incontinence. These special food, medications & handling charges can add anywhere from $2.00 to $30.00 per night to your bill.

Drop off / pick up at any time during business hours included

You may drop off or pick up your pet any time from 7 am to 7 pm Mon-Sat, 11 am to 7 pm Sundays at no extra charge. Your schedule is busy enough as it is, & our homes get lonely without the pitter pat of their feet when we come home from a trip.

Most other facilities have a “check out time” similar to a hotel, & if you drop off or pick up at other times you incur late fees or half day additional fees. In addition, many other facilities are closed on Sundays.

Smaller, more intimate pet boarding facility

Miss Kitty’s is a smaller, more intimate environment than some of the newer, larger facilities in the Nashville area. The hotel offers only a limited number or rooms and the staff knows each pet by name and personality.

Another leading facility keeps a few hundred dogs and doesn’t have the time or staff to get to know each pet.

Playtime mini exams

Our staff puts their hands on each pet during playtimes each day and check eyes, ears, bottom, belly and coat for any health problems that might arise during the day or night. This way we can catch most things before they become an issue for the pet.

Most facilities do not perform health exams as a daily routine.

Tours anytime

Miss Kitty’s is happy to tour you with no appointment necessary. Pet parents are welcome to view our entire resort. We have nothing to hide & welcome your concern for your pet, with no “employee only” areas that make parents wonder about what’s going on. Our staff is proud of our care & encourage clients to inspect every inch.

Most places require an appointment for a tour & some won’t book tours when they are really busy. Most places also won’t show you all areas of their facility.

Plenty of outdoor playtimes, natural green grass, shade trees, and sunshine included in daily rate (see the “Dog Hotel” icon for more time outside specifics)

A MINIMUM of 5 outdoor playtimes are included in your daily rate. All canine hotel guests get a late night potty & playtime between 10 pm & midnight each night. If your pet is a Euro style guest, your pet will be offered outdoor playtimes AROUND THE CLOCK. Your dog will play on genuine green grass in a large yard with shade trees & sunshine. This is the softest, most natural play area for pets. We want our dogs to go outside & play, don’t you?

Most kennels allow your dog to go out only two brief times a day to simply relieve themselves & charge you extra for per playtime each day. For example, it might cost you an extra $10 per 30 minute walk. Most kennels have small play areas, the size of a room at best, that is covered by cement, gravel or artificial turf instead of soft natural grass. Many places do not have staff after closing and the pets are not walked again until the facility opens the next day.

Pets are separated according to size & temperament

We carefully group pets according to size & temperament to ensure the safest, most relaxed experience for them. Dogs are ALWAYS supervised when in groups to ensure safety. We want our dogs to make friends & play well together.

Many facilities allow dogs of different sizes & temperaments to run & play together which can be stressful or even dangerous to a smaller pet.