Big Dog Saloon Boarding

Designed for larger dogs, weighing 41+ pounds.

Big Dog Saloon Style Boarding

Guests staying in our Big Dog Saloon Style boarding get the same love and attention as our smaller guests. Each pup gets their own private 4’X6’ saloon-style, room with a window where they can comfortably nap and get a good night’s sleep.

Dogs in our big dog saloon style boarding are grouped with other dogs over 41 pounds. They go outside in supervised group playtimes five times a day, for 20-30 minutes each time–running outside, playing in real grass, relaxing under shade trees, and basking in the warmth of the sunshine. Watch it real time on our webcams. This not only gives them proper bathroom breaks, but also allows them to run, play, and socialize with other dogs and human friends! We firmly believe our kennel-free, leash-free dog boarding is the best environment for happy, healthy dogs.

We provide everything your dog needs for Big Dog Saloon Style boarding including a bed, food and water bowls, and food. Of course, feel free to bring as much or as little of your own items as you’d like for your dog’s stay at Miss Kitty’s Dog Resort.

There are 11 rooms for big dogs at Miss Kitty’s Dog Resort. Be sure to book your stay in advance as we fill to capacity quickly!

*All big dogs must come in for a free 30-minute trial playtime evaluation before their first overnight stay. This ensures the safety of your dog, our other guests, and staff.

Daily Itinerary

7:00AM - Rise and shine outside playtime

7:30AM - Breakfast

8:30AM - Housekeeping (dogs play outside)

12:00PM - Lunch

1:00PM - Afternoon outside playtime

5:00PM - Dinner

6:00PM - Evening outside playtime

10:00PM - Last outside playtime

11:30PM - Turndown service & bedtime cookies

Boarding Amenities & Discounts

"Red-Eye" After Hours Pickup

Pups here in our care after closing at 7:00pm each night will be charged for a night’s stay. If you want to pick up your pup after closing time, and you don’t want to wait until we re-open at 7am the next morning, we now offer an extended pick-up option.

After hours drop pick-up is any time between 7:01pm and 6:00am. A $100.00 fee in addition to the overnight charge will apply. All charges and arrangements must be paid ahead of time during business hours.

FREE 15 minutes of brushing

If your pup requires more than 15 minutes of brushing or arrives with a matted coat that cannot be removed within the allotted time frame, you will be charged $1 for every min thereafter.

$30/night intensive care

To make it possible to give all pups in our care the attention they deserve, pups that require insulin, more than 3 medications per day, or need medications to be dispensed outside of our regularly scheduled meal times, a $30/night charge will apply.

Veterinary Trips

Trip to our vet (we generally use Grassmere Animal Hospital) = $50
Trip to your vet = $75

Dog Boarding Accolades

Best Pet Boarding/Daycare

Voted “Best Pet Boarding/Daycare” by the Nashville Scene in 2022, 2021, 2020, and runner-up in 2019

Our All Inclusive Guarantee

Outdoor Playtimes
Safety & Security
Free Snuggles
Meds Dispensed
Real Grass
Quiet Time
One-on-One Time

Your Hosts

Meet the Team

gina wells miss kittys dog resort nashville

Gina Wells


Dog mom to Miss Kitty, Pomeranian


Cameo Huggins


Dog mom to Iris, Doberman Pinscher


Emily Harkness

Lodging Manager

Dog mom to Petuina, Chihuahua Mix

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Guest Reviews

"Our Yorkie mix, Bama, has been attending dog daycare at Miss Kitty’s twice per week for almost 9 years. Miss Kitty’s feels like a part of our family and the staff is awesome. They treat her as one of their own and when we arrive, they make her feel as if she is “home.” When we are out of town, it is important to us that she is cared for in a fashion that is similar to our own. Being able to reside in a larger Saloon Style suite and having consistent playtime during the stay is not only important to us, but to her well-being, too. If she has a special need, the staff is there for her and her friends."

-Kim P., Nashville

"We are so thankful for the kind, professional, and compassionate care given at Miss Kitty’s. Not only do they give the best baths, they love dogs unconditionally. Our dog Elmo is cared for 24/7 including administering his allergy medicine in the afternoon and a giving him his favorite cheese snack before bed."

-Elizabeth R., Hillsboro Village

"We’ve been coming to Miss Kitty’s for three years now, and our dog Millie loves this place! As soon as she arrives, she runs out of my arms and down the hall to see all her friends in the staff. I’m so glad she has such a great place to go to when I have to go out of town and either board her or send her over for some puppy fun at daycare. Miss Kitty’s is a fun clean place with an amazing staff who takes care of my little girl. Wouldn’t think of going anywhere else."

-John A. Crieve Hall

"Miss Kitty’s is a second home to our little girl Nelly Jo. The facility is always clean and well kept. From the front desk staff, to the boarding nannies, to the groomers, we trust them completely."

-Dell & Nancy, Green Hills

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