About Us

Established in 1991, 27 years of loving Nashville’s pets!

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty 1985 – 1993

Miss Kitty’s Bed & Bath was created by Regina & Jimmy Huggins 27 years ago out of necessity for their own beloved pet, a tiny red Pomeranian named Miss Kitty (who was named after Kitty from the TV Show “Gunsmoke”). Gina & Jimmy had heard horror stories about small dogs’ boarding experiences in kennels, and they were not about to take any chances with their baby. In 1991, the Huggins followed their dream and opened up a grooming salon in Nashville. Soon clients began to ask if their dogs could stay the weekend out on the farm, which led to the Huggins building a small dog hotel on their farm, complete with all the amenities of a real home. It had to be a place that Miss Kitty herself would love to stay. The hotel became a success and the Huggins opened a larger, grander hotel at its current location. Today Gina (now Wells) continues the tradition of making the pets happy and relaxed, with plenty of green grass, shade trees, sunshine and unconditional love.

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