Doggie Day Care

Doggie Day Care for Smaller Dogs Doggie Daycare

Miss Kitty’s Doggie Day Care is open 7:00am- 7:00pm Monday through Friday. Our daycare offers a group play environment for smaller dogs, 20″ or under from the shoulder supervised by a pet nanny at all times. The nanny’s sole job is to keep our furry guests happy and entertained throughout the whole day. We feel that it is important for the pets to get plenty of fresh air, green grass, shade trees and sunshine. Therefore, rain or shine, the pets get to go outside every two hours and explore, as well as come in and enjoy inside play. We have LIVE WEBCAMS, both inside and out, for you to watch your fur baby the whole time they are in daycare.


Who Needs Daycare?

Have you ever come home from work exhausted, just to be met at the door by your faithful, four legged friend, ready and raring to go? Most dogs either sleep all day, waiting for you to come home, or may engage in anxious behavior such as chewing or destruction of property. Many clients tell us after a long hard day at work, it’s nice to pick up their pups who are played out and they both can go home and relax.

Our daycare is great for pups of all ages. It is perfect for the puppies still being potty trained as they get to go outside so frequently, as well as senior dogs who need to go potty more often. Daycare will help socialize your pet by interaction with other dogs, so they will love meeting new pups in any environment. A visit to daycare burns off energy, reduces anxiety and improves overall health and well being of pups. We also have some daycare guests that are more observing than active. They are the ones who sit back and enjoy watching while the other pups play. We guarantee your pet will go home tired but happy after a day at Miss Kitty’s Doggie Daycare!


All new day care pets go through a 5-visit evaluation period. This allows an opportunity to determine if the new pet can integrate into the social group. Like people, some pets can be shy at first and the more comfortable they are in their environment, the more interactive they become. Most pets thrive socially, and find their niche among the group. Occasionally, a pup may play well on the first few visits or even for a longer period of time. Then as he or she gets more comfortable it’s possible they may become unsuitable for our group. A daycare pet that exhibits unruly or intimidating behavior toward the other pets will not be allowed to continue to come and play. Safety is our number one concern for everyone involved.

If it is determined that your pet is not a good fit for our daycare, please don’t be dismayed as our daycare is very specialized. We would still love to offer you our grooming and boarding services. Pets that are too high-energy for daycare are generally wonderful boarding guests in our hotel, as the physical contact during playtimes is for shorter periods of time.

All of our guests must be neutered/spayed by 7 months of age. We do require all daycare guests to be up to date on our required vaccinations to ensure the health of your pet and others.

Grass Stains and Horseplay

There is nothing more fun than watching the pets jump in the puppy pool on a hot summer day, or playing chase in the snow on a brisk winter afternoon. We work to keep our daycare guests as clean as possible; however, in less than perfect weather your baby may bring home a little mud or a blade of grass or two. This is assurance that your pet is truly getting to play outside with other guests throughout the day. Just like a child on a playground, in rare instances your baby may come home with a scratch, bump or sports injury from having so much fun and engaging in strenuous play with others. Our nannies are constantly engaged with the pets and will notify you of any roughhousing that occurred or bumps that are observed.

Special Needs & Medication

Read information on special needs and medication here.


We don’t want to distract our nannies from the pets, so please go pay down at the Front Desk for your package on your pet’s first day of daycare. If you are paying on a daily basis please pay either after dropping your pet off in the morning or before picking your pet up in the afternoon. If you are paying by cash or credit card, please pay at the Front Desk of the main building. If you are paying by check, you may leave a check with the daycare nanny and she will deliver it to the Front Desk for you.

Individual Daycare …………….…………. $33.00 per day

1  Week Daycare Package..…………….. $155.00 for 5 days  ($31.00 per day)

Package must be completed within 30 of purchase

2 Week Daycare Package…………………….$310.00 for 10 days ($31.00 per day)

Package must be completed within 60 days of purchase

1 Month Daycare Package.………………..$900.00 for 30 days    ($30.00 per day)

Package must be completed within 90 days of purchase

Thank you so much for allowing your pet to enjoy the advantages of doggie daycare at Miss Kitty’s Bed & Bath. We look forward to many more barks and tail wags!