Pet Bakery & Boutique

Miss Kitty’s Bakery

assorted dog treats at pet bakeryMany clients first see our bakery and think our beautiful cookies are for people. We could serve them to people, as our treats are human quality (if not better) and we’ve tasted every delicious one of them! However, we save them for our four legged friends.

Besides being beautiful, our treats are full of wholesome goodness, especially baked with the pet’s nutritional needs in mind. Only the best ingredients are chosen and used, such as whole oats, eggs, carob, peanut butter, honey, cheese and other natural ingredients. Many of our treats are designed with the smaller pet in mind, making them easier to break and crunch. Several of our delicious cookies are our own special secret recipes. Miss Kitty’s Pitter Pats have been our top seller for 20 years. Their wafer-like goodness will cause your pet’s feet to pitter pat each time you open the bag!

We also keep a variety of bones and chewy items for both the large and the smaller canine customer such as flossies and other crunchy delectables.

We sell Natures Select Dog Food, proven to be one of the finest dog foods on the market.

When you visit Miss Kitty’s ask for some complementary Pitter Pats for your pet to try. Your dog will thank you!


Canine Couture Fashions & Boutique

Does your pet long to be a fashion hound? We have had everything for the chic dog from every-day denim to gowns for Red Carpet celebrity appearances. We carry the same designer lines that the celebrity dogs wear in Beverly Hills.

Come see our selection of collars, leashes and pet jewels from around the world.

Our clothing changes quite often and ranges from the practical, such as sweaters and raingear, to the more outrageous, such as sunglasses, sneakers, tuxedos, wedding dresses and formal wear. We also stock jerseys and tees for our college and professional sports teams. Does your pet cheer for an out of state team? We can special order canine sportswear!

For the pet lover, we have a variety of gifts ranging from breed stationary to garden ornaments, clocks, bangles and baubles. Bring your pet to shop today!