Pet Grooming Spa

Award-winning, All-breed Pet Grooming Salon

Pet Grooming in Nashville

Some of the most beautiful pets in the world walk through Miss Kitty’s doors. Miss Kitty’s pet grooming salon is among the top pet grooming salons in the nation. Our stylists are National Certified Master Groomers and many have competed in grooming competitions. Our highly trained staff of bathers and stylists can transform your fuzzy furball into a fashion statement or a comfortable couch potato, depending on the preference of your pet.

Looking good is not our only concern. It is also important that your pet come home from his or her day at the salon happy and relaxed. The grooming room has large windows from the lobby where the stylists can be observed while working. Our grooming room is set up to allow pets some playtime on the floor, where the pets can stretch their legs and see other pets being groomed. All pets are also walked at 12:30 and 4:30 to allow them a potty break. Come let your pet get beautiful with us!!